The product Enigma Connect 1.0.2, developed by Madrija Consultoría S.L., has been granted the ISO/IEC 25000 certificate for the Quality Characteristic Maintainabilitu.

Certificado Mantenibilidad Madrija

The certificate has been issued by AENOR taking the evaluation carried out by the accredited laboratory AQCLab as a basis.

Enigma Connect is a messaging, image and reporting integration system that allows automatic synchronization of patient information and management of agendas, from any hospital information system (HIS) to all departmental systems and multi-manufacturer systems. The Enigma Connect suite is composed of different modules that complement the basic functionality of patient synchronization and programmed activity provided by the Connect-core module, which has been the subject of certification.

With the certification of the Maintainability of its product Enigma Connect 1.0.2, Madrija can assure its clients that it can be evolved and adapted to the changes of their business in an easy, effective, efficient, safe and satisfactory way thanks to its correct design and implementation, its good code quality, and a reduced technical debt.

With the issuance of this new certificate for Maintainability, the list of products that have obtained the software product quality certification in conformance to ISO/IEC 25000certification in conformance to ISO/IEC 25000 keeps its steady increase.

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