The product "Sistema Interno de Garantia da Qualidade da UMinho (SIGAQ-UM) – Anonimato das respostas aos inquéritos pedagógicos - Version 1.0", from the Universidade do Minho, has been granted the ISO/IEC 25000 certificate for Functional Suitability. The certificate has been issued by AENOR taking the evaluation carried out by the accredited laboratory AQCLab as a basis.

O produto "Sistema Interno de Garantia da Qualidade da UMinho (SIGAQ-UM) - Anonimato das Respostas aos pedagógicos questiona - Versão 1.0", da Universidade do Minho, obteve o certificado ISO/IEC 25000 para Adequação Funcional. O certificado foi emitido pela AENOR com base na avaliação realizada pelo laboratório acreditado AQCLab.

Functional Suitability certificate - UMinho

The certification of SIGAQ-UM is an important milestone in two ways, since it is the first ISO/IEC 25000 certificate issued in Portugal, and it is also the first certificate granted to a University.

SIGAQ-UM aims to promote the policy for quality in all aspects of the institutional mission of the Universidade do Minho, systematically covering all the activities carried out by the University. SIGAQ-UM contemplates an integrated and holistic approach to quality and quality assurance in the University. As part of this system, mechanisms for student participation are included for the evaluation of pedagogical quality, with a fundamental requirement of guaranteeing the anonymity for the students participating in said evaluations.

With the Functional Suitability certificate for SIGAQ-UM, UMinho can assure its students that it correctly fulfills the condition of user anonymity, which is detailed in the functional requirements described for the internal quality assurance system, thus improving the confidence and satisfaction of the students.

The issuance of this new certificate for Functional Adaptation is a further step in consolidating the interest in the certification of software product quality certification conforming to ISO/IEC 25000.

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