ISO/IEC 25040

Activity 3: Design the evaluation

In this activity the evaluation plan is defined.

Task 3.1: Plan evaluation activities

The identified software product quality evaluation activities shall be scheduled, taking into account the availability of resources such as personnel, software tools and computers. The evaluation plan should also include the purpose of the evaluation, the budget, evaluation methods and tools, adopted standards, etc.

The evaluation plan shall be revised as the evaluation activities evolve, providing additional information that allows the plan to be adjusted or detailed.

Activity 4: Execute the evaluation

In this activity the evaluation is executed, getting measurements for the quality measures, and applying the decision criteria.

Task 4.1: Make measurements

The selected software product quality measures shall be applied to the software product and components, according to the evaluation plan, resulting in values on the measurement scales.

Task 4.2: Apply decision criteria for quality measures

The decision criteria for the software product quality measures shall be applied to the measured values.

Task 4.3: Apply decision criteria for evaluation

The set of decision criteria shall be summarised into subcharacteristics and characteristics, producing the assess results as a statement of the extent to which the software product meets quality requirements.

Activity 5: Conclude the evaluation

In this activity the software product quality evaluation is concluded, reviewing the evaluation results and creating the evaluation report.

Task 5.1: Review the evaluation result

The evaluator and the requester shall carry out a joint review of the evaluation results.

Task 5.2: Create the evaluation report

Once the results are reviewed, the evaluation report is created, including the requirements of the evaluation, the results from the measurements and analyses performed, any limitations or constraints, the evaluators and their qualifications, etc.

Task 5.3: Review quality evaluation and provide feedback to the organisation

The evaluator shall review the results of the evaluation and the validity of the evaluation process, indicators and measures applied. Feedback from the review should be used in order to improve the evaluation process and evaluation techniques (evaluation modules).

Task 5.4: Perform disposition of evaluation data

When the evaluation is completed the data and evaluation items shall be disposed according to requirements of the requester, returning, archiving or destroying them in a secure way, depending on the type of data.

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