The ISO/IEC 25000 series of standards

ISO/IEC 2503n – Quality Requirements Division

The standard that forms this division helps specifying quality requirements. These quality requirements can be used in the process of quality requirements elicitation for a software product to be developed or as input for an evaluation process. This division consists of the following standard:

  • ISO/IEC 25030 - Quality requirements: Provides requirements and guidance for the process used to develop quality requirements, as well as requirements and recommendations for quality requirements.

ISO/IEC 2504n – Quality Evaluation Division

The standards that form this division provide requirements, recommendations and guidelines for software product evaluation. This division consists of the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 25040 - Evaluation reference model and guide: Contains general requirements for specification and evaluation of software quality. Provides a framework for evaluating quality of software product and states the requirements for methods of software product measurement and evaluation.
  • ISO/IEC 25041 - Evaluation guide for developers, acquirers and independent evaluators: Provides requirements, recommendations and guidelines for developers, acquirers and independent evaluators of the system and software product.
  • ISO/IEC 25042 - Evaluation modules: Defines the structure and content of the documentation to be used to describe an evaluation module. These evaluation modules contain the specification of the quality model (i.e. characteristics, subcharacteristics and corresponding product or quality in use measures), the associated data and information about its application.
  • ISO/IEC 25045 - Evaluation module for recoverability: Provides the specification to evaluate the subcharacteristic of recoverability defined under the characteristic of reliability of the quality model.

SQuaRE extension (ISO/IEC 25050 to ISO/IEC 25099) is designated to contain system or software product quality International Standards and/or Technical Reports that address specific application domains or that can be used to complement one or more SQuaRE International Standards.

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