First ISO/IEC 25000 certificate on Functional Suitability

The Functional Suitability of the software product BitRRHH 1.0, developed by the Spanish company Bitware, has been audited with positive results in an ISO/IEC 25000 Conformity Assessment performed by AENOR. This certification took an evaluation report provided by the accredited laboratory AQCLab as a basis. In this evaluation, BitRRHH 1.0 obtained a quality value of 5 (out of 5) for Functional Suitability.

Bitware AQCLab AENOR

This is the first evaluation in conformity with ISO/IEC 25000 where the quality characteristic Functional Suitability is assessed. According to ISO/IEC 25000, Functional Suitability is defined as the degree to which a product or system provides functions that meet stated and implied needs when used under specified conditions. Thus, Functional Suitability can be understood as the degree to which a product or system provides the functions needed to meet the needs and conditions defined during its design.

With this new certification software companies will be able to certify that their products meet all the needs of their customers, and, in turn, the customers are guaranteed that the products they acquire are functionally complete and correct.

The evaluation of this characteristic complements the Maintainability evaluations conducted so far by the accredited laboratory AQC Lab, who is working together with AENOR to extend the catalog of evaluated characteristics and incorporate others such as Usability and Security.

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