AENOR and AQCLab delivered the first ISO/IEC 25000 certificate for Functional Suitability to the product BitRRHH 1.0, developed by Bitware, which reached the highest quality level (5 out of 5). With this certificate, Bitware guarantees their customers that their product BitRRHH 1.0 meets the functional requirements specified for the product in a correct and complete way, thus improving customer trust and satisfaction.

Issue of the certificate
Issue of the certificate AQCLab

Among other advantages, this certification helps to improve software development and reeuce maintenance costs, ensuring that delivery times are met and detecting defects in the software product,  before its delivery. Consequently, it allows software developing companies to differentiate themselves from the competition.

For the certification of software product quality, AENOR collaborates with AQCLab, the first laboratory in Spain accredited by ENAC (Spain’s national accreditation body) to carry out software product quality evaluations conforming to ISO/IEC 25000, centered in the functional suitability and maintainability characteristics.

To issue this certificate, AENOR evaluates the report elaborated by the laboratory regarding the quality of the software product in question, and if this evaluation is satisfactory, AENOR checks the viability, the resources and the technical capabilities of the company that developed the software product. Once this process is finished, AENOR issues a certificate of conformance to ISO/IEC 25000.

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